On September 24, 2019, a merger plan for SoftwareHut and Javeo Software was signed. Available here.


Javeo, Java & Scala software development company, is now a part of SoftwareHut (a subsidiary company of TenderHut Technological Capital Group). The acquisition strengthens our position on the market – using the synergy effect, we can implement even more projects for clients from around the globe.


Our Partners

What we do

JAVEO is a software house with many years of expertise in various software development-related areas. We analyse, design, code, test. You name it, we do it.

How we do

We are agile, we are flexible, we care: we are what your company needs. At JAVEO we are fans of clean code, peer to peer code review, constant progress. Our first concern is quality, the second is time and scope comes third. If you wish to define your own priorities, we can work with that too.